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Centrence has been providing premier Content Management, SharePoint and Office 365 consulting services and solutions since 2007.  If you are looking for high quality Office 365 & SharePoint consultants, then look no further. We are 100% certain you will be glad you reached out to us!

  • SharePoint for Businesses



    SharePoint has been around for over a decade. Over the course of time, it has truly proven itself to be a best-in-class, enterprise class content management platform. From secure document management to refined content searching, SharePoint offers an all-in-one solution for companies seeking to maximize business collaboration.

    While many of our employees have been using SharePoint since it first launched in 2001, Centrence has been providing hundreds of clients SharePoint services and solutions since 2007.  We are passionate about our work and it shows in our level of quality.

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  • Office 365 Consulting for Businesses



    When Office 365 was introduced in 2010, we were ecstatic! For years we were advising companies on whether to host SharePoint on premise or to leverage a 3rd party. Office 365 not only creates an easy way for companies to start using SharePoint almost immediately, it also offers many of the best business tools and services to allow companies to work almost anywhere.

    As a result, Centrence has always embraced Office 365 as a viable business solution for many companies. Let us help your company ensure Office 365 becomes your enterprise platform of choice!

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  • Content Strategy for Businesses



    Not sure if SharePoint or Office 365 are right for your company? We are here to help! Often companies need assistance in picking the right tools to ensure their companies are successful. With the ever-changing landscape of information technology, it is quite apparent that one size does not fit all.

    At Centrence, we take an innovative, detailed approach to arrive at quantifiable justifications as to which content management strategy best suites each company.

    Learn more about how to Work Smarter with Centrence.

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Commitment to SharePoint Consulting

Our Commitment to Working Smarter

Many companies focus solely on technology or on what the client requests. At Centrence we look at the big picture. Taking into consideration that every company is unique, we provide scalable services and solutions to help companies reach their full potential.

Content Management

Content Management is at the core of most businesses. A proper content management strategy can help ensure a company is scalable for the future.

Our Top Services

  • Product Comparisons
  • Content Mapping
  • Organizational Fit
  • Use Cases
  • Operational Assessment

Office 365 Consulting

Office 365 is rapidly being recognized as the best online productivity suite due to it’s economy of scale and large business offering.

Our Top Services

  • Strategy
  • Migrations
  • Prototypes
  • Training
  • Support

SharePoint Consulting

SharePoint continues to evolve in the digital age. It has become more scalable, social and usable with every new edition.

Our Top Services

  • Business Automation
  • Branding
  • User Experience
  • Development
  • Information Management